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May 21st, 2015


When I initiate an RFP for a client, I always ask if the team has any suppliers that they want to include in the process. But despite asking the question early on, someone from the company inevitably comes out of nowhere in the middle of the process and says, “Have you included company X? I worked with them in my previous company, and they were amazing.” Meanwhile, we have built a list, contacted and assessed suppliers, and gotten to the final round. Why couldn’t we collect that recommendation up front?

Quite simply, it’s not easy to leverage and capture supplier insights across individual employees within a client’s organization. Everyone is busy and often unaware of other’s searches for and experiences with suppliers. Critical institutional knowledge and perspective easily goes unshared.

But there is always a wealth of internal knowledge! Employee turnover is relatively high in this industry, and most people have worked with different suppliers at previous companies and are constantly building new supplier relationships.

Building a supplier “rolodex” or address book that could be easily shared internally was the initial idea that sparked the creation of tealbook. How could we build an intuitive database that captured employees’ collective relationships and history with suppliers across an organization?

Within tealbook, individual employee accounts are linked together so that companies can start building an intuitive database that is based on employees’ existing supplier relationships and insights. tealbook makes it extra easy for employees to build their online address book. (Search by name; add; tag. Simple.) This one-stop location lets employees store, organize and access suppliers quickly and in real time.

Employee-added suppliers and descriptive tags, are automatically organized by department, team or/and corporate tealbook. Quickly, companies can build a master rolodex that can be easily filtered by function, department, brand team, employee, supplier name, service, initiative, value, history or relationships. Building this powerful institutional knowledge will increase efficiency and help facilitate future supplier selection.

With tealbook’s corporate membership, existing and preferred suppliers will be more visible and always prioritized when searching for suppliers. It gives employees and their company greater perspective on their own relationships with suppliers… and maybe even discover new suppliers that have proven themselves highly valuable to colleagues in previous positions.

If you are interested in learning more about tealbook and how your team and company can use it to build its own intuitive supplier database, please contact me

As always, I welcome your feedback and ideas.


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