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April 1st, 2015

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Through our supplier feature series, I am excited to introduce some of tealbook’s supplier members across multiple services. These suppliers have been highly recommended by clients based on services and value provided. If they are relevant to your business, we invite you to view and add their profile to your tealbook, to stay connected and easily find them again. tealbook’s database is connected in real time and includes highly credible suppliers, so we strongly encourage you to use tealbook’s RFI tool to receive additional recommendations based on your specific needs and criteria. Inviting selected candidates to provide a tailored presentation will help validate your supplier selection prior to issuing an RFP or inviting final candidates to present their recommendations in person.

When clients use tealbook to find suppliers, they gain access to “gems” that have been shared by clients who have partnered with unique and valuable suppliers that are not always easily found among hundreds of options.

Quantum Learning (https://tealbook.com/suppliers/65/profile) is one of those gems. Focused, experienced and founded on behavioral research, they empower brand teams, sales trainers, district managers and sales professionals to measurably grow their business by closing mission-critical gaps in customer engagement, sales force effectiveness, competitive positioning and the ability to execute.

Quantum achieves this by delivering research-based, custom-tailored sales training and brand development workshops and mobile learning solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies worldwide. From POA and Product Launch workshops to initial and advanced curriculum design, Quantum provides state-of-the-art, behaviorally-based training that has been proven to “Move the Needle” in level 3 and 4 Kirkpatrick evaluations.

From selling with clinical studies and account management, social intelligence to hospital selling, Quantum Learning provides advanced skills and behaviors that change the basis of competition and ensure that your sales force can execute on demand under challenging competitive conditions.

When asked who the ideal Quantum Learning client is, they answered:

“Brand teams and sales training managers who need help accelerating their brand strategy and translating brand vision into strategic and tactical execution at the sales manager and sales force level. Clients who are good at collaborating to get things done, but want Quantum to do the heavy lifting.”

We asked what they are really good at, and they answered with the following seven points:

1) Growing the Business. Designing client-specific, research-based selling models that are proven to drive growth and change the future. For example, Quantum designed Apple’s core selling model.

2) Reframing the Competition. Supporting new product and indication launches by providing advanced clinical selling and social intelligence skills that result in higher levels of customer engagement, rep credibility and thought leader influence in shaping markets, reframing the competition and establishing rapid and sustainable adoption of your new product or indication.

3) Coaching and Pull-Through. Providing experienced and new sales managers with world-class leadership, coaching and development strategies, skills and insights for building high-performing districts that consistently out-perform their peers in territories of equivalent potential.

4) Identifying and Hiring Best-in-Class Behaviors. Providing sales managers with research-based, behaviorally-anchored, interview and selection tools to recruit top performing reps into their district.

5) Closing the Gaps. Providing brand teams with a flexible and rapidly responding team to amplify their ability to turn on a dime, quickly address competitive attacks and deliver the business outcomes they are held accountable for.

6) Engaging Heart and Minds. Engaging experienced, and sometimes skeptical, sales managers and representatives to internalize and apply new strategies for growing the business by changing behavior at the individual healthcare provider and account level.

7) Empowering from End-to-End. Providing sustainable, end-to-end solutions that empower your sales force to more effectively challenge the status quo, reframe the competition and achieve competitive advantage, all while measurably improving customer satisfaction, customer engagement, and growing the business.

If you are looking for a training company, I encourage you to add Quantum Learning to your tealbook (https://tealbook.com) to stay connected and easily find them again when needed. And I encourage you to contact Jill Fenton (jill@quantumlearninginc.com). I’ve known Jill for a few years and she is always on the ball. She has a really good reputation and has supported more than 70 new product launches across 30 therapeutic areas for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Along with her senior team of training experts, she will be happy to tell you how Quantum Learning can help meet your training goals.

I hope you enjoy getting to know these great suppliers. As always, please let me know if you have questions or comments.


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