One profile that’s easier to maintain and a better approach to growing your business

August 10th, 2016

I have spent countless hours speaking to suppliers about our vision: Giving clients better information faster so they can make more informed decisions about suitable suppliers to consider including in the process. In turn, suppliers have the flexibility to choose to respond to opportunities they believe are a good fit by accepting and providing a very targeted business case response. If done successfully, both sides can focus their time and effort on strong potential partnerships. And in particular, suppliers significantly minimize the time and effort they invest in getting in front of customers at the right time and focus their resources on opportunities that have greater ROI.

As we grew, we proved the concept. tealbook has successfully enabled clients to identify and validate supplier qualifications in minutes. Through our platform, many suppliers have been invited to consider opportunities that have generated over $50 million in business so far.

With new enterprise customers exclusively initiating their supplier discovery through tealbook, there is added value for suppliers to update and maintain their profile. With ONE easy to maintain profile, suppliers can differentiate their offerings and significantly increase visibility among their existing customers – all while be recommended to new customers searching for similar requirements.

Over the last couple of months as we prepared to kick off our new enterprise customers, we spent a lot of time interviewing and listening to suppliers and customers that believe tealbook can change supplier discovery and increase efficiencies for both sides. We welcome you to take a few minutes to hear them explain why you should pay attention and join in.

— Stephany Lapierre

‘Good fit’ opportunities increase everyone’s success

Carolyn Morgan, President, Precision Effect 

Easy access to supplier information motivates more inquiries

Matt Weinberg, Director, Procurement, Agios Pharmaceuticals

Perfect timing and increased visibility go hand in hand

Keith Mellett, Senior Director, Indirect Sourcing, CR Bard

Condensed timelines bring increased focus

Stephen Piotrowski, EVP, Managing Director, Health4Brands

Employee turnover is an inevitability

Chris Silva, Senior Director, Sourcing & Procurement, Radius Health

Information must flow both ways

Olivier Zitoun, Founder & CEO, Eveo

Integrated information from D&B benefits buyers and suppliers

Chris DiNardo, Procurement Manager, Agios Pharmaceuticals

The world stands still for no one

Ken Begasse, Founder & CEO, Concentric

Information in the hands of decision makers increases the speed of business

Auguste Laverne, Senior Outsourcing Leader, Millennium Pharmaceuticals/Takeda Oncology

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