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February 9th, 2015

Through our vendor feature series, I will introduce some of tealbook’s vendor members across multiple services. These vendors have been highly recommended by clients based on services and value provided. We invite you to view and add their profile to your tealbook, to stay connected and easily find them again when you need to. tealbook’s database is connected in real-time and includes highly credible vendors, so we strongly encourage you to use tealbook’s RFI tool to receive additional vendor recommendations based on your specific needs and criteria. Inviting selected candidates to provide a tailored presentation will help validate your vendor selection prior to issuing an RFP or inviting final candidates to present their recommendations in person.

I am excited to be featuring Klick Health in our first vendor series. Klick Health was one of the first agencies to have joined tealbook and was quickly connected to clients searching for digital and technology capabilities.

I have personally watched Klick Health become one of the world’s largest independent digital health agencies since I first started in this industry. Klick is laser-focused on creating marketing solutions that engage and educate healthcare providers about life-saving treatments; serving as the AOR (agency of record) and DAOR (digital agency of record) for some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. Established in 1997, Klick has teams in Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and at its Toronto headquarters.

Klick stands out as a regular recipient of best workplace awards, because of its vibrant, inclusive corporate culture (have you seen their Christmas cards?), Klick has also banned email and pioneered its own enterprise operating system, Genome, which uses big data and social technology to customize the employee experience, increase engagement, speed up mastery of new skills and maximize a team’s success. Recently, Klick won the prestigious M-Prize for Unlimited Human Potential for its work on Genome, from business management guru’s Management Innovation eXchange (MIX). Knowledge and expertise that pharma and biotech companies could benefit from.

Klick’s latest innovation, Sensei Labs, helps companies evolve and execute faster using the data-driven, employee-centric philosophy outlined in the New York Times Bestselling business book The Decoded Company, co-authored by Klick’s founders.

Through tealbook’s RFI tool, Klick has already been recommended to clients and invited to respond with a personalized presentation. Within 10 slides, they were able to demonstrate a deep understanding of clients’ requirements and business objectives as well as supported how their team, experience and capabilities were well matched. I am truly pleased to see how quickly tealbook is making new business connections possible.

Take a few minutes to check out Klick’s tealbook profile and presentation . You can easily add Klick to your tealbook to stay connected and receive their latest updates.

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Our vendor database is highly credible because it is supported by industry clients. If you have vendor recommendations, I encourage you to add them to your tealbook account. If they are not in tealbook yet, you can send them a personalized invitation to join. Once they have completed their profile, they will automatically be added to your tealbook and be endorsed for the services and value provided.



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