Changing the Game for Suppliers

December 11th, 2015


Why have suppliers supported tealbook from its beginning?

Well, there is the obvious. Being where clients are when initiating the supplier search process at the exact point of need is a good place to be when you are looking to grow your business.

But tealbook is much more. It changes the game. Here’s how:

1) It’s not always about more business; it’s about good new business: tealbook puts suppliers in front of clients that are searching for their services based on how well-known they are for similar services by similar clients with similar requirements. This provides suppliers with not just ANY opportunities. It gives them good, targeted opportunities that are well-suited to their business and areas of expertise.

2) It’s not just about new clients. tealbook allows suppliers to generate more visibility across companies that they might already be working with. We all know how information is often siloed. tealbook gives clients a lot more transparency and allows them to better leverage their existing suppliers.

3) Your information is under your control and visible to clients in real time. If you’re anything like me, you are always changing and refining how you communicate your company’s story and value to clients. Our company is constantly changing. tealbook is a major evolution from static portals. It allows your clients to always access the latest information when they need it, including always knowing who is the right contact person within your company.

4) Suppliers are the experts. That’s why pharma and biotech companies outsource services…because these partners have the talent, experience and resources to meet their goals. However, clients don’t really tap into this wealth of knowledge unless suppliers present their capabilities in a 60-minute presentation. But through tealbook, suppliers can curate and share valuable information with clients. Clients can now tap into a rich and targeted news feed that is interesting and relevant to their business. The bonus? Suppliers can use their expertise to raise their profile, increase credibility and generate more visibility.

5) Too much money is being spent on RFPs; the RFP process is expensive, nebulous and inconsistent from one company to another. tealbook doesn’t replace an RFP, but allows clients to quickly access better supplier information, make faster decisions and quickly validate their selections in a process that helps suppliers put forward their best business case specific to the client’s needs. tealbook offers an easy and much less time-consuming way to ensure that you only invest resources in relevant opportunities with greater odds of turning into business.

If you are a supporting companies in the lifescience industry, take a few minutes to sign up and start building a profile. As many have said, it’s a no-brainer.


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About tealbook

tealbook is an exciting online platform that empowers sourcing and procurement professionals’ interactions with internal stakeholders. By quickly providing all of the information necessary to make an informed decision, including supplier details and status, industry recommendations, and existing connections to colleagues, tealbook helps identify the most suitable supplier options and facilitates collaboration on supplier needs. Through its robust yet streamlined approach to initiating the RFP process, tealbook empowers sourcing and procurement departments to enable collaboration and efficiency with internal stakeholders and suppliers. Similarly, tealbook offers suppliers a unique and powerful way to generate new business by increasing visibility and collaboration with sourcing and procurement – for the ultimate benefit of internal stakeholders. For more information, visit

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