The Power of Peer Endorsements

March 25th, 2015


When I initiate a supplier search for a client, I always start by asking internally if members of the client’s team can recommend suppliers that should be included in the search. There is a wealth of internal knowledge that is often not leveraged. Internal recommendations should always be included and prioritized.

Next, I reach out to my network of clients that might have had similar needs and criteria. Clients are very willing to provide recommendations when they feel strongly about the value of a supplier. I use these referrals to add and/or cross reference with my initial list and database. Client recommendations hold the most credibility in my initial assessment, and they tend to weigh heavily in my client’s final decision, too.

With tealbook, I want to give the same opportunity for clients to gain insight and perspective from their colleagues and industry peers. But, how could we provide that level of insight in an automated tool, without sharing clients’ proprietary information and divulging their often-sacred partnerships with key suppliers?

I believe that we have created the solution. Employees and clients’ insight is what makes tealbook a truly unique supplier search engine and database. Unlike a rating system that can easily turn into a platform for negative feedback, we opted for a positive endorsement system that allows tealbook’s supplier recommendations to be prioritized based on 1) internal colleagues and 2) other clients’ aggregated knowledge and perspective of suppliers for similar criteria.

Don’t you wish you could easily find a supplier that has successfully supported other clients with similar needs? By joining tealbook, you can start endorsing suppliers by simply adding them to your tealbook account. There is an opportunity to endorse them based on services, initiative and value provided. It will also allow you to easily filter suppliers in your tealbook. Your endorsements will help your colleagues find suppliers that you know and have used in the past. They will NOT be linked to you outside of your company, but will be used to provide aggregated endorsements to your industry peers. When the time comes for a new supplier, you will be glad others did as well.

If you feel strongly about a supplier, I also welcome you to recommend them directly in their profile. It is a small token of appreciation for the hard work they did for you and they will be immensely grateful!

If you are a supplier that has not joined tealbook yet, you should complete a free profile and start building your credibility in tealbook, so that prospective clients can find out more about your capabilities and the value you provide to your clients in the industry.

As always, I welcome your questions and comments. You can reach out to me directly if you are interested in learning more about tealbook’s targeted, credible and simple supplier search engine and database.

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