tealbook Webinar on Machine Learning in Supplier Intelligence

December 15th, 2017

On December 13th, tealbook CEO Stephany Lapierre and Machine Learning Engineer Mete Kemertas hosted a live webinar on machine learning, and the important and exciting role it plays in supplier intelligence.

Machine learning is far more than a buzzword. It differs from conventional programming, where the computer is instructed to perform specified tasks and the program doesn’t have the ability to do anything other than what it has been asked to. Machine learning instead presents the computer with large amounts of data, and uses algorithms and statistical models to recognize patterns in that data. This leads to better recognition and prediction.

Machine learning is not new, but there have been huge advancements in the last five years. When applied to the procurement process, the enhancement in supplier intelligence and the enormous benefits in efficiency are significant. Please reach out to Sophie Belec-Cross (sophie@tealbook.com), if you are interested in getting a copy of the webinar. In it you will learn about machine learning and how it is aiding procurement teams in reducing cycle time by up to 90 percent, minimizing risk and increasing the efficiency and speed of supplier-related decisions.

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