Supplier Stories: 5 Questions With MECART Inc.

January 11th, 2018

tealbook speaks with MECART Inc.
MECART is a Canadian company, with a new office in New Jersey, that engineers and manufactures custom-designed modular cleanrooms as well as acoustic modular buildings, control rooms, operator cabins, acoustic enclosures, noise barriers, acoustic panels, studios and more. Patrice Genois, Vice President and General Manager of MECART, spoke to tealbook about solving major challenges for clients, their unique approach, and industry trends.

1. What makes MECART unique? We have quite a unique approach in the market. Like others, we are a turnkey solutions provider. However, we fully guarantee our work, taking all the risk on ourselves. It is part of our mission. If there are quality issues, which very rarely happens, we  cover our rooms with very long term, full warranties. If there is something that doesn’t comply with regulations or requirements, we will pay all the costs to fix it.

2. How do you develop trust with clients? It’s quite simple. We try to operate at the highest level possible when it comes to honesty and integrity, and this leads to trust and long term relationships. We always convey the truth to a customer. Sometimes it’s tough at the beginning, because we never oversell, we never try to sell something we will not deliver. But we really have no choice since we have a full warranty of our product line, we can only promise what we are able to deliver right at the beginning.

3. What are some notable trends you are seeing in the industry? In cleanrooms, we see a big trend on adding more cleanrooms than ever, with higher specifications, because safety is becoming more and more important. Another trend, as noted above, is to remove as much work on site as possible. Customers want to be fast-tracked to the market, and the installation and the on-site work is really a big hurdle. It’s why we saw a big trend in front loading as much work as possible before the cleanroom arrives on-site. This is a big trend in the pharmaceutical and high tech industries. Our turnkey solution really fits in well with this approach.

4. What is a challenge you helped one of your clients solve? We did a worldwide project for a customer who asked us to build a new type of controlled environment. It was a custom design with very high requirements for air control, which were plus-minus 0.15 degrees Celsius of precision. They wanted this room in their plants in Canada, France, China, and Japan. They also wanted to have just one supplier in order to minimize the risk in the work on their side. We accepted the challenge, and it was indeed a challenge for us. For one, the requirements were just crazy. Once we found the solutions, we had to adapt the solutions to many different countries due to the different electrical regulations, and we needed to change all the components depending on the country in question. We also faced a major challenge which was to send our components to China. Chinese Customs blocked all our product lineups. We had big challenges, but finally succeeded for the customer.  

5. Where do you see the business going for you and your clients in 2018? We predict we will see many more small and mid-size companies building new cleanrooms to be able to deliver high quality products to their customers. In the past, cleanrooms were more for big businesses, but now we see many more smaller companies willing to invest in this kind of equipment. It’s why it is now critical for us to be very flexible and agile with the smaller players, because their expectations are quite different than the big guys on the market.

This interview has been edited and condensed. 

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