Including Diverse Suppliers

December 4th, 2017

Is increasing diversity in your supply base a priority for your company? While this is an important goal, traditional methods and portals for identifying diverse suppliers can actually be counterintuitive to your inclusivity efforts. When diverse suppliers register and provide information that lives in a separate space, the extra steps required to identify and learn about those suppliers can lead to them being excluded when important decisions are made. In the time it takes procurement to look in an entirely different directory or portal, the PO may already be issued and the opportunity to consider a diverse supplier gone. Further compounding this challenge is the fact these directories tend to be static, failing to provide up-to-date information and valuable news and updates.

tealbook helps address this problem by using machine learning to increase knowledge and visibility of diverse suppliers so they can be leveraged more effectively across your organization. tealbook features diversity certifications directly in a supplier profile, along with other information that enhances supplier knowledge. This allows you clear, centralized information about a supplier’s diverse status when making decisions. Registering suppliers is as easy as mailing a business card, and supplier data is self-maintained.

We’d love to chat with you about how tealbook can benefit your supplier diversity program. Email to get the conversation started.

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