Can you identify suppliers in 6 minutes?

August 19th, 2016

A client recently logged into tealbook and started a VET (tealbook’s propriety supplier search engine) by entering three keywords: market access, reimbursement, emergency medicine.

In 2 seconds, she got 8 supplier recommendations that met her requirements. 3 were known by her company and 5 were completely new to her.

She entered a few critical requirements specific to her product and market for invited suppliers to eventually review and agree to.

She added a few details about the challenges she was facing and her desired outcome.

She invited 4 colleagues to make them feel included in the process. They both received links to join the VET and see the details and recommended supplier profiles.

She spent 2 minutes looking at the recommended supplier profiles and reviewing the endorsements they had been given by her industry peers. She felt confident about including them because they were known by other Biotech clients also using tealbook for supplier discovery and saw they were strongly endorsed for market access and reimbursement.

She selected and added 6 suppliers to her list.

She approved the list.

She sent the invitation.

She immediately started receiving notifications from suppliers that accepted or declined because of conflict of interest.

Total elapsed time: 6 minutes.

Tell us about your process? Can you beat this?

tealbook increases the scale of procurement by significantly accelerating the supplier discovery process from weeks to minutes. tealbook allows procurement teams to access centralized internal and external supplier intelligence and instantly identify qualified suppliers. Accelerated supplier discovery enables procurement to manage more spend, increase supplier competition, and expand value. Learn more at

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