A Supplier’s Perspective on Improved Discovery

September 7th, 2016

Two year ago this week, we purposely launched tealbook to suppliers first. We wanted to validate that they were spending enormous time and money trying to connect with clients at the exact moment their product or services were required. Our vision for helping them streamline their business development efforts and grow their business based on what they do best, we were able to get several hundred suppliers to be early adopters of tealbook.

Their feedback on current discovery processes were:

  • Marketing and sales initiatives are costly and come with intangible ROI (at best)
  • Good business development people are hard to find and are limited by their existing network
  • Information about their company is not shared internally and remains static in portals
  • RFPs are often nebulous and quickly become expensive based on the average win rate


As tealbook grew, so did the number of business opportunities. As of today, tealbook has saved our clients thousands of hours of time on supplier discovery and generated over $60 million in revenue for our supplier members.

With a growing number of influential customers subscribing to tealbook as their exclusive source of supplier intelligence and discovery – and with our robust 1.8 million global supplier profiles and intelligence – we are at the dawn of a new phase that will bring enormous value to both sides. Our new $99/month lifescience marketplace subscription is a great opportunity for suppliers to validate their D&B data, optimize their information, increase their chances of being discovered by Pharma and Biotech companies, and respond to new suitable business opportunities in real-time. Accelerating supplier discovery with better data allows both sides to focus on growing their business the right way and reducing the cost of finding each other.

As we continue to grow, our Advisory Board will bring tremendous value and leadership to ensure that tealbook becomes the gold standard supplier discovery platform. We are honored to have Olivier Zitoun, CEO of Eveo and early member and advocate, bring the supplier perspective to our team.

Sign up and subscribe to the lifescience marketplace to increase your opportunities to be found at the exact moment clients across all categories and functions are looking for your products or services.


For more thoughts directly from Olivier, watch one of the following brief videos:

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