Why is your tealbook empty?

February 19th, 2015

You’ve been curious enough to click on tealbook.com and sign up. It took you 30 seconds to answer some basic questions and walk through a short tutorial (no training required). Your tealbook account is ready! But it looks empty…now what?

Grow your tealbook in a few easy steps:

  1. Search for your suppliers by name. (If they are not in tealbook yet, they should be. You can invite them to join by sending a personal message. They will be glad you did!)
  2. Add them to your tealbook.
  3. Tag them based on the services, initiatives and value you know them best for (your tags will organize your tealbook and allow you to quickly search through your suppliers).

By adding and tagging suppliers, you will never have to search through your inbox or a pile of business cards again for the most up-to-date supplier info. It’s a click away with tealbook.

What else? Building your tealbook is just the beginning. Here are a few other ways to make tealbook valuable to your business:

  1. Receive credible supplier recommendations (start a new RFI and receive recommendations based on other clients’ insight)
  2. Gain more perspective on how suppliers are being endorsed by other clients in the industry (only clients can endorse, but rest assured that we don’t share who endorses to protect proprietary information)
  3. Validate your supplier selection by receiving targeted 10 slide responses .(Even if you know them, let them tell you why they are the best fit for your current needs.)
  4. Use tealboard™, our social media dashboard, to stay on top of industry trends, best practices and news. (Your suppliers are solving challenges for other clients, so I am sure there is a lot of insight to be shared.)

I invite you to start growing your tealbook based on suppliers that are valuable to your business. A few seconds here and there will save you hours of searching and due diligence when the time comes for a new partner. Maybe you will discover that your suppliers have other capabilities. Maybe you will find a partner that becomes critical to the success of your brand or business.

I hope you enjoy using tealbook! As always, I welcome your feedback.

Stephany (slapierre@tealbook.com)

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