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August 19th, 2015


Employees often join an organization with established supplier relationships from previous companies. Very often, employees aren’t up to speed on supplier relationships in their new organization, and haven’t learned about preferred suppliers’ capabilities.

In larger companies, employees know alliances exist with established networks; however, they find it difficult to identify the agencies that are part of the network.  Additionally, differentiate one agency from another within or across these accepted networks is also challenging.

Many of our clients have expressed these same challenges. With tealbook, we wanted to give sourcing a powerful tool to leverage existing supplier relationships and give employees easy access to their information, status and history with the company.

Based on feedback from sourcing and employees, we have added CDA (Confidentiality Agreement) and MSA (Master Service Agreement) status to tealbook’s functionality. Now, sourcing can use tealbook to easily identify existing suppliers with the appropriate agreements in place.  Ultimately, this enables employees to quickly discover suppliers that have status with their company. Making the selection process easier and faster.

Meanwhile, employees have a wealth of knowledge and are constantly exposed to new suppliers and ideas – fresh inspiration that is essential to growth and innovation. tealbook gives employees an easy way to build their own Rolodex of supplier connections, while giving sourcing instantaneous visibility to this growing, company-wide network of supplier connections. This incredibly insightful and robust supplier database quickly equips sourcing with the knowledge and perspective to be an even better internal partner for their company.

We are continuously adjusting tealbook, based on feedback from our clients. Our goal is to help clients make better and faster supplier decisions, so they can spend less time researching partners and more time building strong partnerships and accomplishing business goals.

If you have a suggestion to make tealbook more valuable, tell us about it!



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