Calling all forward-thinking procurement & sourcing experts

I launched tealbook in response to some of the same challenges faced by healthcare companies of all sizes and stages of growth in quickly identifying the strongest suppliers to support their business needs.

My goal is to offer an intuitive, secure and affordable supplier database that is connected to the industry in real time. tealbook allows companies to capitalize on insight from their employees and other companies (without sharing proprietary information), to help them easily organize, track, find and validate their supplier selection.

tealbook simplifies the RFP process by allowing employees and/or sourcing to quickly identify strong candidates – both within or beyond their company’s supplier connections – and validate their initial selection through a focused and efficient personalized process. In short, tealbook helps quickly narrow down the strongest candidates and reduces the average RFP process, leading to better supplier outcomes.

I’m happy to say that tealbook is gaining rapid momentum within the industry. Since we launched our initial phases in late 2014, the feedback is very positive, and individual client members like its user-friendly features and quick access to strong supplier recommendations.

Procurement and sourcing professionals have been highly receptive to tealbook. They agree that there is an opportunity to increase efficiency, transparency and collaboration in managing and tracking suppliers for their company. tealbook helps them be more connected and knowledgeable, and will help leverage their existing supplier relationships internally. Corporate membership is tealbook’s next big step, scheduled to launch in April 2015.

Help us shape tealbook to your company’s needs My goal is to make tealbook the most valuable supplier search and management tool for our industry. We are in feedback-gathering mode and are making adjustments based on what current users and future corporate users are telling us. We are learning a lot and want to continue better understand what makes tealbook valuable and what potential roadblocks exist, so that we can provide an engaging and personalized experience for every business requirement and supplier search.

So, if you are a forward-thinking professional or know someone in your company that would be interested in helping us shape tealbook to help increase efficiency, transparency and collaboration for your company, I would love to connect with them.

Please contact me directly by email or call me 416-660-4606.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Digital Health Agency – Klick Health

Through our vendor feature series, I will introduce some of tealbook’s vendor members across multiple services. These vendors have been highly recommended by clients based on services and value provided. We invite you to view and add their profile to your tealbook, to stay connected and easily find them again when you need to. tealbook’s database is connected in real-time and includes highly credible vendors, so we strongly encourage you to use tealbook’s RFI tool to receive additional vendor recommendations based on your specific needs and criteria. Inviting selected candidates to provide a tailored presentation will help validate your vendor selection prior to issuing an RFP or inviting final candidates to present their recommendations in person.

I am excited to be featuring Klick Health in our first vendor series. Klick Health was one of the first agencies to have joined tealbook and was quickly connected to clients searching for digital and technology capabilities.

I have personally watched Klick Health become one of the world’s largest independent digital health agencies since I first started in this industry. Klick is laser-focused on creating marketing solutions that engage and educate healthcare providers about life-saving treatments; serving as the AOR (agency of record) and DAOR (digital agency of record) for some of the largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the world. Established in 1997, Klick has teams in Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and at its Toronto headquarters.

Klick stands out as a regular recipient of best workplace awards, because of its vibrant, inclusive corporate culture (have you seen their Christmas cards?), Klick has also banned email and pioneered its own enterprise operating system, Genome, which uses big data and social technology to customize the employee experience, increase engagement, speed up mastery of new skills and maximize a team’s success. Recently, Klick won the prestigious M-Prize for Unlimited Human Potential for its work on Genome, from business management guru’s Management Innovation eXchange (MIX). Knowledge and expertise that pharma and biotech companies could benefit from.

Klick’s latest innovation, Sensei Labs, helps companies evolve and execute faster using the data-driven, employee-centric philosophy outlined in the New York Times Bestselling business book The Decoded Company, co-authored by Klick’s founders.

Through tealbook’s RFI tool, Klick has already been recommended to clients and invited to respond with a personalized presentation. Within 10 slides, they were able to demonstrate a deep understanding of clients’ requirements and business objectives as well as supported how their team, experience and capabilities were well matched. I am truly pleased to see how quickly tealbook is making new business connections possible.

Take a few minutes to check out Klick’s tealbook profile and presentation . You can easily add Klick to your tealbook to stay connected and receive their latest updates.

This is the first in a series of vendor profiles on the tealbook blog, so be sure to check back often or subscribe

Our vendor database is highly credible because it is supported by industry clients. If you have vendor recommendations, I encourage you to add them to your tealbook account. If they are not in tealbook yet, you can send them a personalized invitation to join. Once they have completed their profile, they will automatically be added to your tealbook and be endorsed for the services and value provided.



Add Klick Health to your tealbook:

The #1 Criteria For Vendor Selection

Each RFP is unique, and influenced by a company’s needs, objectives, criteria and people. Even though I understand my clients’ objectives and often know many of the vendors involved, I can rarely predict the outcome of an RFP.

A number of factors are critical in selecting the right partner: strong capabilities, extensive relevant experience, good understanding of clients’ business goals and strong value-based recommendations that are aligned and within budget.

If we’ve done proper due diligence in vetting the final candidates, these factors should be fairly comparable from one candidate to another. But the most important factor is outside of anyone’s control, and that’s chemistry. In the 300-plus RFPs that Matchbook has managed for clients, the final selection is always driven by how the team feels about the people presenting and potentially assigned to the business.

I realize that it is difficult to predict chemistry before meeting candidates in person. Here are a couple of tips that can help when developing an RFI:

– including clear expectations and defining what are your team’s most important criteria for a partnership
– requesting that the live presentation be attended by the account team that would directly be involved in the day to day business
– requesting that all attendees have an active role in presenting based on their expertise and involvement in the business

I also believe tealbook’s personalized vendor profile can tell you a lot about a company before inviting them to respond. I encourage vendors to include a short video to tell you more about their company and introduce you to their team. Tealbook also allows you to invite selected companies to respond with a 10 slide customized presentation, which can tell you a lot about how a company communicates and relates to your business.

These are all good first steps to validate your initial selection but nothing can replace a face-to-face presentation. On the day, take the time to meet and talk to each team member, encourage sharing personal interests and allow enough time for discussion.

Like in any relationship, chemistry wins. You just can’t force it.

As always, I invite you to connect with me to share your ideas on making tealbook more valuable. I am highly interested in your impressions and opinions to help us refine and improve as we continue to develop. or 416-660-4606.


The tk Badge – For Easy Access to Vendors’ Profile

One of tealbook’s very first members, Ken Begasse from Concentric, gave me a great idea: develop an icon or badge for tealbook, to help client quickly access vendors’ profile and help generate more visibility for the tool and its vendor members. I added it to my long list of to-dos.

But a recent experience led me to bump badge creation up that list. At a vendor presentation with one of my Matchbook clients, I watched a client attendee spend 10 minutes navigating the vendor’s website from his iPhone. He was trying to find pertinent information about the vendor. Clearly, he couldn’t find what he was looking for and eventually gave up.

This was another “aha” moment for me in the tealbook journey. I realized that tealbook should not only provide the most robust vendor database, but it should also be the first stop for clients to quickly access all the relevant information they need about a potential vendor. An overview of services, experience, culture. An at-a-glance look at what they’re talking about on social media. And the ability to easily add that vendor to their own tealbook, from ANY device.

So, I’m pleased to introduce the tk (tealbook) badge! Keep an eye out for the tk badge to quickly access a potential partner’s profile and easily add them to your growing tealbook so you can always find them again when needed.

If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to open a free tealbook account ( It will allow you to have direct access to vendors’ profile to learn more about the company and their services.

If you have any suggestions, please send me an email or call me directly. Your ideas and feedback will help us refine and improve tealbook to better support your business.

(And Ken, thanks for the suggestion!)

Stephany | 416.660.4606

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Sharing what I have learned from managing 300-plus RFPs

For the past seven years, I have been helping clients find, assess and validate vendors that best meet their business goals through Matchbook ( I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of supporting more than 20 of the leading pharma and biotech companies of various sizes, at different stages of their lifecycle and across multiple functions.

It has given me a unique opportunity to learn a lot about both sides of the industry, and exposed me to hundreds of companies, challenges and ideas presented throughout the 300-plus RFPs managed by Matchbook.

Those key learnings led me to launch tealbook, to give healthcare clients an online tool that allows them store, organize, search, find and validate vendors on their own.

Through tealbook’s blog, I will be sharing what I have learned over the years by:

  • providing tips for navigating and improving the RFP process
  • featuring vendors, their services and what differentiates them
  • addressing some of the common and unique challenges faced by clients and vendors, and
  • helping our members get the most value out of their tealbook.

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Why I started tealbook™

With three small daughters and a successful RFP management consulting business, I’ve often been asked why I would add a new business launch to my already busy life!

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on both sides of the pharmaceutical industry, and I´ve always thought the process of finding vendors was exhaustive, time-consuming and limited. So in 2008, I launched Matchbook to increase efficiencies, save time, and help clients find the best vendors. I´ve been extremely fortunate to have helped more than 20 of the leading pharma and biotech companies find, assess, and validate their vendor selections across all industry functions. Matchbook has also grown organically into a strong 300-plus vendor database through client recommendations. It has been a highly rewarding 7 years, as I continuously think of ways to increase value for my clients.

Four years ago, I started noticing a change among our mid-to-large-scale clients as they began to formalize their sourcing structures. Sourcing managers were being hired to bridge the gap between employees seeking vendors and procurement departments that place a strong emphasis on the bottom line. As sourcing departments were becoming more established functions amongst our clients, I started thinking about ways to help sourcing managers be more efficient, connected and valuable internal resources for their companies.

Thus began a three-year journey of building an intuitive online solution that would not only benefit sourcing managers, but also help improve the RFP process to make it simpler, targeted, and more efficient for all stakeholders.

On a mission to improve the RFP process and increase efficiencies

In 2014 tealbook came to life in several phases. We started by building the industry´s most credible vendor database using our strong vendor connections. I wanted tealbook to be more than a database, so we included features to help clients quickly get a better sense of appropriate vendors. These features include:

  • 10 words to describe the essence of the company to let clients know what they stand for and represent,
  • 10-slide platform used to differentiate their services and experience – it is a great way for vendors to tell their story. I immediately go to this section when I want to learn more about a company,
  • a short video – another opportunity for companies to make a personal connection with clients. Vendors can use this for a demo or simply to introduce their team, and,
  • a client recommendation section. Unlike tags that will not be shared with other clients, these recommendations are public and will help increase a vendor’s credibility in tealbook.

We also created tealboard™ to help clients stay on top of changes, trends and best practices. We pulled vendors’ social media links from Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and created our own status update.

We then launched to clients industrywide, with our own free, live vendor Rolodex. We are allowing them to easily invite their vendors to join for free. (It beats static business cards and ensures that tealbook includes the best vendors as we continue to grow our database.) In launching tealbook, I wanted to give clients an opportunity to store, organize and find their vendors in real time. I also wanted to give them a way to stay connected to the latest changes and trends. But most importantly, I wanted to give them access to the most credible vendor recommendations when needed and a platform for vendors to respond in a focused and personalized format, to help validate their vendor selections before issuing an RFP.

It´s been quite a ride! Over the past few months, I have spoken to countless vendors, employees, sourcing managers and procurement managers about what we are doing. The response has been extremely positive, as everyone agrees that challenges are not easily addressed and the RFP process can be improved. We have received incredible support from all corners of the industry and I am moving forward with a smile on my face.

Growing rapidly while providing client-vendor connections

As of January 2015, tealbook includes more than 135 vendors and that number is growing daily. Clients have said that tealbook is extremely user-friendly. They like that it allows them to easily stay connected to vendors and what they are talking about, and they can see the value that tealbook offers when it comes to simplifying the vendor selection process.

Next up is the launch of corporate tealbook memberships. I want tealbook to be built for clients by clients. Thus, we are bringing several corporate advisors on board to help ensure that we offer the most valuable vendor search and management solutions while complying with client processes, security and technology. We are transitioning Matchbook clients and will make tealbook available to other companies by the end of Q1.

I want to challenge the process in a positive way and elevate it so it benefits our industry. I am truly motivated by giving clients access to the best vendors and making the RFP process more efficient.

A few weeks ago, I asked my eldest daughter’s friend what she wanted to do when she grows up. She said she would like to be a mommy. My daughter turned to her and responded, “You can be a mommy and anything else you want to be!” Well, being a strong role model for my girls has also a lot to do with why I started tealbook.


If you haven’t already, I invite you to take a few minutes to open a free tealbook account. You can search for your vendors by name or invite them to join for free. As you build your tealbook, I am confident that it will become a valuable source of connections and information for your business.

I also invite you to connect with me to share your ideas on making tealbook more valuable. I am highly interested in your impressions and opinions to help us refine and improve as we continue to develop. or 1-866-620-6640


Thank you.