What competition?

November 16th, 2016

About once or twice a week, I receive an email from someone with a link to a company that they believe might compete with tealbook or should be in our radar.

I spent over 10 years working with companies of all sizes and procurement philosophies. In those years and since launching tealbook, I have not yet come across a similar solution. This is what motivated me to build it. In the 3 years since we started actively building tealbook, no other company addresses this specific issue or has provided a solution to customers. We know this is true because procurement still buys reports, uses Google, and relies heavily on getting supplier intelligence from their peers in person or by email.

While perceived competition might exist, I focus on our mission to build the most valuable source of supplier intelligence and discovery available to procurement and supply partners alike. Building a valuable platform in conjunction with our customers has been critical to our growing success. We have spent a lot of time and resources capturing the challenges and costs associated with procurement not having easy access to credible and up to date supplier information, lacking internal transparency and shared knowledge and the bottle neck that happens when taking too long to identify qualified suppliers.

So, if there is no real competition, how does tealbook compare to the other platforms we have seen?

  1. tealbook is a front end platform that optimizes (not competes with) all of your existing systems, tools, and processes. It is the supplier source of truth that centralizes your intelligence, give your team access to the most updated information and accelerates your processes.
  2. tealbook is not A marketplace of suppliers. It is YOUR marketplace of suppliers that you already do business with or who are connected to your internal and industry peers.
  3. The recommendations are not made by an anonymous third party, they are made by a collection of your peers – people who do the same thing as you and have similar business goals. No matter what ‘quadrants’ might tell you, peers are always the most trusted source of recommendations.
  4. Implementation is almost instant. While we obviously need to gather some information from our enterprise customers, they can start working on their tealbook within a few days. No manual pre population or update of data. It’s a plug and go!
  5. The intelligence grows. The sooner you start a tealbook account, the richer your data will be and the more knowledge transfer will happen. This is an incredible legacy that allows your teams and future employees to get up to speed instantly and collaborate internally.

We are not going to reveal all of our secrets, but we know tealbook is the easiest, most intuitive, least expensive way to accelerate access to updated supplier intelligence so you can increase the scale and productivity of your procurement team.

What are you waiting for?

To learn more how tealbook can help you bring value beyond savings and turn you into a strategic leader, visit www.tealbook.com.

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