You’ll be in good hands with the tealbook Concierge Service

June 8th, 2017

tealbook is launching the recently piloted supplier discovery Concierge Service. It is now available to all current tealbook enterprise clients.

tealbook’s VET is easy to use and provides instant recommendations that leverage your supplier data and knowledge from your peers. tealbook’s Concierge Team takes your supplier discovery searches a step further: validating that the suppliers discovered through VET meet your needs by enhancing their profiles and responding on time – every time.

tealbook VETs help all companies instantly find peer-trusted suppliers for any set of requirements and get detailed responses in just minutes to hours. The tealbook Concierge Service is now available for ‘white glove’ support following the VET process, allowing you to spend your time adding value for your internal partners while the Concierge Team further validates discovered supplier qualifications.

“The tealbook Concierge Service generated real excitement during the pilot, said Ian Woodbury, COO of tealbook. “It brought tremendous value to resource constrained procurement teams, so we’ve decided to offer it to all of our current enterprise customers – for free – through the end of 2017.”

The Concierge process is simple:

The tealbook Concierge Service Process

Dana Small, a Sourcing Manager at BioMarin Pharmaceutical, told us: “tealbook’s Concierge was able to get me a list of top validated industry suppliers (also peer endorsed) within a week’s time. Compare this to the typical discovery and RFI review process where it can take weeks to months to validate supplier qualifications, and the efficiency gain for my role is incredible. For a growing business like ours, it gives us the confidence that we are considering the best suppliers while enabling us to move quickly and stay agile.”

With the tealbook Concierge, any company can instantly accelerate the qualification of trusted suppliers. To get started, just login to tealbook, create a VET, and then send an email to We’re at your service!

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