Patient Stories: Snow & Companies

April 30th, 2015

Snow & Companies

Our supplier feature series gives me a great opportunity to highlight some of tealbook’s supplier members across a range of different services. These featured suppliers come highly recommended by clients, so if one of these suppliers is relevant to your business, please add their profile to your tealbook. Their profile includes various ways to learn more about their services and experience including a 10 slide capabilities presentation and videos. Our database is full of credible suppliers and always up-to-date, so try tealbook’s RFI tool to receive additional supplier recommendations for your next search or business need.

I was very excited when Snow & Companies joined tealbook. They are a valuable partner for clients looking for ways to build a strong foundation of patient focused initiatives. Snow & Companies specializes in identifying, recruiting, training, and deploying patients across marketing channels to deliver authentic stories about their journeys—stories that are both compliant and impactful.

Snow & Companies’ core value is in the delivery of its proprietary Patient Ambassador Program, in which actual patients deliver powerful, personal stories to lend humanity and authenticity to a brand. They showcase their storytelling approach in its tealbook profile: “When was the last time a statistic made your laugh, cry, or even nod your head?… Stories stick with us because they create a bond between the storyteller and the audience. And they’re more powerful today than ever. Why? Because people are simply drowning in information. Nowhere is this truer than in healthcare…”

Put simply in its own words, Snow & Companies’ ideal client is “smart, committed to patients, [and] confident.” Snow supports clients across a range of therapeutic areas and industries, with services that include everything from advertising and social media to KOL mapping, patient advocacy and mentor programming.

In fact, I am delighted to report that tealbook recently connected Snow & Companies with a client searching for a strong partner to develop a Patient-to-Patient Mentoring Program. They demonstrated how their unique capabilities in finding, recruiting and training patients for branded and non branded initiatives was going to provide a strong foundation for patient stories and eventually connecting patients to each other for support.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Snow & Companies. If its unique patient storytelling approach is aligned with your patient communications strategy, I encourage you to add them to your tealbook and invite them to tell you how they can best support your needs (

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