tealbook’s Next Generation: Driving the Future of Accessible Supplier Intelligence  

July 26th, 2017

I have spent my working life building enterprise software companies as a software developer, a designer and an executive. Usually I’ve been involved from the very beginning, but when I joined tealbook as COO it was already growing fast.

What really had me hooked was a vision I shared with Stephany Lapierre (CEO) and Geoff Peddle (tealbook CTO).  We wanted to create the definitive source of peer-driven supplier intelligence. We saw an opportunity to bridge the information gap between enterprise customers and their suppliers. We wanted to create a knowledge community that would deliver trusted insights to all parties while increasing the speed of information and value for all stakeholders.

Over the last several months, we have made incredible progress; we have more than doubled the size of our team, brought in strong AI expertise, and introduced new services such as the Concierge and tealbot. Most importantly, we learned an incredible amount from our enterprise and supplier users. We learned about how they envision the future of tealbook and their desire to continuously accelerate access to trusted intelligence.

“On August 9, 2017, we launch the next generation of tealbook.”

This release is the embodiment of everything we have learned. It simplifies the user experience with a clean, updated interface. The tealbook platform learns and will give back to our users with more insight and actionable intelligence. It improves collaboration among internal enterprise users and bridges an important gap for suppliers. The foundation of tealbook’s next generation is just the beginning. It is built on a cutting-edge technology that will accelerate our continuous improvement efforts and leverage machine learning to deliver deeper insight.

We are listening. We will continue to learn from our users to deliver a platform that is worthy of a market leadership position as the source for peer-driven supplier intelligence. This is a big step towards delivering on our shared vision – the first of many that will make for an exciting fall.

— Ian Woodbury, COO, tealbook

To learn more about tealbook, visit our websitewatch videos from procurement and suppliers on YouTube, and follow us on Twitter: @tealbook.

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