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March 5th, 2015

In our second supplier series, I’m pleased to introduce Indigenus, a global healthcare communications network dedicated to helping clients grow their brands. Indigenus has an innovative and unique multi-local model that drives topline growth across brand portfolios through creativity and innovation, and improves the bottom line through a breakthrough business model. They offer full-service capabilities, are proven collaborators, and have 100 percent global coverage. Seventeen top-ranking partners in key markets maximize success for growth brands, while IndigenusSky provides unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness for secondary markets, mature brands, and local adaptation projects. They have a truly collaborative model because they choose to work together and each of their partner agencies undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure a good fit.

I was lucky enough to be involved in identifying Indigenus’ Canadian partner agency in 2011. The criteria were clear. Each Indigenus partner agency has to rank within its market’s top five list, and bring strong core capabilities and deep local market knowledge to the table. Indigenus agencies are well-structured and financially sound, with experience in multi-channel healthcare marketing. Plus, its 100 per cent healthcare focus and global reach means that Indigenus is known for helping brands both stand out and maintain consistency from market to market.

Last summer, I was invited as a guest speaker at one of the biannual working meetings in NYC. I had the opportunity to meet with partners from around the world. In each partner, there was a great sense of accountability and alignment on delivering topline growth for their clients’ brand portfolio. Working together meant understanding global challenges and sharing solutions and ideas adapted at the local level. Any global marketer would have enjoyed and learned a lot sitting at their table.

Self-described experts at getting clients “unstuck,” Indigenus has delivered many local and global launches for clients such as Novartis, BMS, GSK, BI, Lilly, Merck, Pfizer, Genzyme, and UCB in its decade-plus history – and earned more than 200 awards since 2013.

When asking Indigenus to describe its ideal client in their tealbook profile, they answered: “Clients that seek a strategic partner with whom to build their brand(s), not simply another vendor for the next project. A client that wants comprehensive and innovative solutions that deliver results, effectively and efficiently.” 

When asked what they are really good at? They responded: “Helping our clients get unstuck. We do this by listening to our clients, by understanding the needs of their key stakeholders and their own. And by putting our expertise and experience at play in order to strategically and creatively meet these needs and turn any challenge into an opportunity. 

What truly differentiates us is our entrepreneurial mindset and flexible spirit and structure which drive innovative business solutions. Some examples: 

  • Having a difficult time balancing the budget between one big idea and many small projects? For that we created Indigenus Sky:
  • Do you find work in markets diverging from branding guidelines only when it’s too late? Indigenus Sync spots deviation before it’s a problem:

  • Can’t find the right fit with other networks? The Indigenus organizational structure stretches to fit so you don’t have to:

And yes, we have the full range of service offerings you would expect from a global network. We implement them with award-winning creative vision, meaningful local insight and robust regulatory knowledge to deliver exactly what our clients’ brands need. “

If you are searching for a strong global partner with deep local market knowledge, I recommend that you add Indigenus to your tealbook. Let them tell you how they can best meet your global needs by inviting them to respond to an RFI. They are currently responding to a tealbook client’s search for a partner to support a global launch. As always, Indigenus is differentiating itself with a unique global model and deep understanding of local market differences and opportunities.

Through our vendor feature series, I am introducing some of tealbook’s supplier members across multiple services. These suppliers have been highly recommended by clients based on services and value provided.If they are relevant to your business, we invite you to view and add their profile to your tealbook, to stay connected and easily find them again when you need to. tealbook’s database is connected in real-time and includes highly credible suppliers, so we strongly encourage you to use tealbook’s RFI tool to receive additional recommendations based on your specific needs and criteria. Inviting selected candidates to provide a tailored presentation will help validate your supplier selection prior to issuing an RFP or inviting final candidates to present their recommendations in person.

I hope you enjoy growing your tealbook and getting to know better suppliers that can best support your business. As always, I welcome your comments and questions!


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