From Big Pharma to startup! We welcome Greg Kresge to our team

April 23rd, 2015

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I am very excited to welcome Greg Kresge to our growing team. Since launching tealbook, I have been blessed with support from people that believe passionately in what we are doing and how tealbook is disrupting the RFP process in a positive way.

I first met Greg when we were collecting feedback from procurement and sourcing managers across the industry to help shape tealbook’s development. He was Senior Director of Global Procurement at Shire and quickly welcomed the opportunity to connect. He listened attentively and provided highly valuable feedback. He seemed really excited about what we were doing and continued making himself available to share ideas and provide feedback.

I enjoyed meeting him in person when I had the opportunity to introduce tealbook to his team. I liked his personality (he has a contagious laugh!) and leadership style. We share similar beliefs about the importance of mutually beneficial partnerships between clients and suppliers, the value of accessing supplier information more efficiently and the power of harnessing the perspective offered by colleagues and industry peers. Greg is also a strong supporter of tealboard, our integrated social media dashboard that pulls content from suppliers to help clients and sourcing managers stay on top of industry trends.

Greg comes to us with extensive procurement and sourcing experience. He spent 17 years at Merck and the last four years at Shire. I am truly thankful that he felt strongly enough about our idea to jump onboard. His experience and insight has already helped make tealbook a more valuable platform for our client and supplier members. I am also delighted to offer his expertise to our small biotech clients that require more hands-on sourcing and procurement expertise.

Greg always had the passion for connecting suppliers and clients, and he strongly believes that procurement must be a source for supplier lead innovation. As we discussed his big jump to the other side, Greg said that he believed that together we could solve problems, answer questions, optimize a process or build something entirely new.  Now that’s exciting! And if we can share some of this excitement with our clients as they use tealbook to search for suppliers, then we have achieved one of our many goals.

Greg will share his own thoughts about his motivation in a blog post later this week, but he tells me that he is incredibly excited to make the move from Big Pharma to startup. This is an enormous change for him, but I am confident that the reward of being involved in an idea that has the potential to change the supplier search landscape will outweigh the terrifying (but exciting) decision to leave the corporate world.

Our goal is to become the gold-standard supplier sourcing tool for the healthcare industry, and Greg’s involvement is now a big part of helping us get there.

Please join me in welcoming Greg to tealbook! He can be reached at if you’d like to connect and offer your congratulations!

As always, you’ll find me at if you have any questions or comments.



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