I was wrong… and I’m glad my team was right.

July 6th, 2017
tealbook Concierge Service supplier discovery

A couple of weeks ago, tealbook introduced our Concierge Service, which allows any enterprise user to quickly receive a vetted list of qualified suppliers, each time – every time. Concierge was enthusiastically received for its ability to take tealbook’s instant supplier searches a step further: validating that the suppliers discovered through VET meet business requirements, are interested in the opportunity, enhance their profile, and respond on time.

I was initially against the idea of Concierge. I didn’t think tealbook users needed ‘hand holding’. There are no concierges or chatbots in LinkedIn… and I strive to provide the same level of user experience for tealbook. Easy, intuitive, and straightforward with little implementation effort required.

Although that is all still true, my team saw an opportunity. They recognized that it is hard to change some people’s behavior when introducing a new technology into a work flow. No matter how easy or valuable the technology is, people won’t be on board until they experience how it can benefit them… once that happens, you can transform skeptics into regular users and hopefully advocates.

In an attempt to make their case, the team rolled out Concierge to a small group of clients and dedicated a strategic sourcing resource to the task. A day later, the first client request came through. Within a couple of days, our client had a validated list of qualified incumbent and new suppliers to confidently bring to their stakeholders.

Fast access to trusted data enabled procurement to add value to the business by moving the process forward quickly and with the right set of suppliers.

That client came back for more (4 VETs so far) and others started to use the service as well.

Within 3 months, we made the decision to roll out Concierge and add more resources. The data speaks for itself:

  1. 90% of qualified suppliers were approved by stakeholders to move forward with the RFP/evaluation process.
  2. Suppliers in tealbook responded within one hour of receiving a VET versus taking an average of one week when contacted by email or their website.
  3. Although the majority of our clients are more interested in leveraging their incumbent suppliers in tealbook, category managers included 70% new suppliers originally unknown to the team… creating more access to innovation.

We have rolled out the tealbook Concierge Service to all of our enterprise clients at no additional cost until December 31, 2017. 

Concierge gives your team its very own resource to handle all of the tactical up front work associated with finding and qualifying suppliers so procurement can focus on more strategic initiatives and add value to the business. Plus, you get the benefit of building valuable knowledge that will continuously accelerate strategic decisions moving forward…

tealbook Concierge is a great service, and I am glad to acknowledge that my team was right.


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