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September 24th, 2015

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Recently, an eye-opening graphic captured my attention during a routine perusal of my Facebook news feed.  It really spoke to me, so I decided to post and share the visual (shown here) on my own profile page. The graphic illustrated the current shift to a socialized ecomony and highlighted large companies including Alibaba, Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook.  All of these large companies have had a significant impact on consumer behavior and engagement, yet none of them actually own the inventory they make available to us or create any of the content populating the platform.  What these companies really do is connect people to items, services, and other people. It has been really interesting to watch how social commerce is changing social dynamics.  That brewing interest was what led me to start a virtual business of my own several years ago.  And that fascination was further solidified when I learned about tealbook™.

I partnered with Stephany Lapierre, the President and Founder of tealbook™, while at my previous company through her consulting service, Matchbook Inc.  We collaborated on an RFP for a mutual client, and she later introduced us to tealbook™, a tool that provides direct connections between biopharmaceutical companies and suppliers. tealbook™ streamlines the RFP process, increasing transparency, efficiencies, and collaboration amongst key stakeholders.  Coming from the supplier side of the business, I knew all too well the pain of spending countless hours responding to RFPs that yielded limited information or lack of response altogether.  Needless to say, I recognized the value of tealbook™ right away. The tool fills gaps in the RFP process for both clients and suppliers, while capturing insights often lost within the walls of biopharmaceutical companies and their ever-changing tide of employees.  I’d spent the better half of fifteen years in the industry working with sourcing departments whose influence ran the gamut from very little to full control, regardless of company size.  What I knew for sure, however, was that sourcing would continue to evolve and become more entrenched in the process, creating the need for more efficient tools to build value with internal partners.  And that’s where tealbook™ comes in:  a cloud-based solution providing real-time recommendations that are pushed to key stakeholders, thereby disrupting the limited scope of traditional vendor searches and accelerating the vetting process, so individuals can capture that most precious of modern commodities:  time.  With an overflowing plate of career and family obligations, I have firsthand knowledge of the value of time. Here are a couple of other reasons that I joined tealbook.

Innovation.  tealbook™ offers its users innovation  on multiple levels.  The biopharmaceutical industry’s need to innovate is a core part of every company’s strategic imperatives, whether companies are truly pursuing that ideal or not.  The platform itself is completely unique, but tealbook™ also elevates innovation by serving up suppliers to the end user in ways that highlights suppliers’ entire, self-populated portfolios of offerings.  This means that  clients  get a comprehensive overview of each supplier, including those they’ve already worked with.

One challenge I always faced as a supplier was getting pigeon-holed into a specific offering.  But tealbook™ presents the whole picture, not only through supplier profile descriptions, but through its Validation Expertise Tool (VET) functionality that provides targeted recommendations.  Plus, tealbook’s curated social media feeds capture and highlight the latest supplier work and innovative ideas in one, easy-to-digest spot: the tealboard.  tealbook’s™ functionality supports clients’ ever-growing  demands for great new  ideas and practices, and helps find the right partners to help bring this innovation to life.

Culture.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention that what makes tealbook™ such an exciting place to be is the company culture itself.  The excitement of working at a start-up, the unstructured and entrepreneurial work environment, the exhilaration of bringing a tealbook client onboard – I expected all of these elements to accompany the challenge of building a company.  But the fact that tealbook ™ has a female entrepreneur at the helm, one who understands the constant push/pull of work life balance and is a mother herself?  That’s icing on the cake for me!

More and more companies are striving to offer solutions to employees struggling to manage personal and career priorities.   From our very first meeting, Stephany set a precedent for open communication and flexibility at tealbook.™ She immediately recognized – and related to – my crazy schedule, and that is exactly the kind of innovation I was seeking.

tealbook™ is still in its early stages,  for sure.  But if anything, these brief musings on tealbook™ have made me even more excited for the future. When I truly believe in something, I become a passionate partner and champion. Stephany ignited a fire when she asked me to help build tealbook™.  And there’s nothing like sitting at the crossroads of change and the status quo to keep someone inspired for a lifetime.

– Jennifer Protacio ( Business Development Consultant at tealbook)

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