The Impact of Successful Collaborations

July 2nd, 2015

Blog Pic-The Impact of Successful Collaborations

As I was on my way to New York City this week, I received an email from Charlene Prounis of Flashpoint Medica. She extended an invitation to attend the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association’s (HBA) metro chapter dinner that same evening at Pfizer. I am an HBA member, but have been so focused on tealbook that I hadn’t attended an event in some time. I strongly believe that the HBA is a fantastic platform for women of our industry to connect and learn from each other. I have made a point to become more involved once I find some stability in managing our growth. In the meantime, I was glad that Charlene thought of me and that Kristin and I were able to attend.

The topic of this event was the Keys to Creating Successful Collaborations across the Healthcare Ecosystem. There was a great panel including representatives from Rite Aid, Pfizer and Univision Communications. They discussed the importance of collaborations to create change and innovate as we continuously seek better patient outcomes.

It made me think about what collaboration means to us, our supplier and client members. How together we can make changes that help positively disrupt the RFP process to make it faster and more efficient. To help our client achieve strong partnerships that will lead to faster and more positive patient outcomes.

Here are few of my thoughts on collaboration:

  1. Collaboration is increasingly important between employees and departments seeking new partners. By including an automatic collaborator function in our VET process, procurement, sourcing and employees seeking a supplier can gain more visibility and share insight that will lead to more transparent and collaborative RFPs. Employees can provide clear requirements based on their business goals, while relying on sourcing and procurement’s insight and support throughout process. We like to think that the term “control” can be easily replaced by collaboration to generate successful long term partnerships.
  2. Suppliers that seek collaborators to add value and innovation to their offering help advance solutions and ideas that lead to better outcomes. Forward thinking suppliers are ones that integrate innovative partners to find faster ways to gather insight from customers and use innovative ways and technology to make deeper connections with healthcare professionals and patients. That kind of thinking pushes clients to think outside of the box and offer patients value beyond a product.
  3. In our own team, I am constantly amazed at the level of collaboration between our marketing, sourcing, procurement, technology and logistics team. They are coming together to find solutions that will enable tealbook to bridge the gaps often found between purchasing and departments accountable for ROI. They are making the platform better and more relevant to all of our stakeholders, while respecting the value that each brings to the process. Their innovative thinking will allow our clients to make better supplier selections, build long term partnerships and gain faster access to innovative suppliers and solutions.
  4. The same goes for how our team manages RFPs for Matchbook clients requiring more hands on RFP management. We recently completed a successful AOR search for a client. Not only was the client a major collaborator in pulling together their internal needs and requirements, but our team turned around a robust RFP in less than four weeks. That couldn’t have happened without recognizing each other’s roles and strengths in supporting a process that led our client to identify a strong partner within a very short turnaround time.

The list goes on for my professional and personal life. Successful collaborations allows us to lean on others and recognize each others’ strengths and limits so we can make big ideas happen.

As always, I welcome you to share your thoughts and provide feedback.

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