Passion Wins Business

April 8th, 2015


Over the years, I have met suppliers of all sizes and personalities. As a sourcing partner, I am required to reach out to numerous potential candidates to assess initial fit based on our client’s criteria. Beyond relevant capabilities and experience, I look for other important things that will make one company stand out over the others. I don’t focus on one event or interaction, but consider my entire experience throughout the process. Things like responsiveness, enthusiasm about the opportunity and the team’s interactions with me and with each other are some factors that influence my recommendations.

Above all, passion for what they do and for the opportunity to work with this client is usually what stands out the most. It’s demonstrated in everything they do and how they communicate. Bringing that level of passion to a live pitch can be incredibly contagious for clients. There is nothing more refreshing then meeting people that love what they do and believe they can do it better than anyone else. As long as it is balanced with relevant experience and thoughtful recommendations, passion is what makes a supplier stands out and our clients leave a meeting excited about getting started!

If you are a passionate supplier and have not joined tealbook yet, I invite you to complete a profile at and start connecting with clients searching for your services, expertise and passion.

If you are a client searching for suppliers that can bring this kind of passion to your business, I invite you to use tealbook to connect with suppliers and receive highly targeted recommendations based on your business needs. Each supplier’s 10-slide presentation reflects how they will respond to your opportunity and offers a good indicator of how they will bring that passion to their live pitch and your business.

What other traits are important in a supplier? I welcome your feedback and questions.


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