tealbook’s Next Generation: Driving the Future of Accessible Supplier Intelligence  

I have spent my working life building enterprise software companies as a software developer, a designer and an executive. Usually I’ve been involved from the very beginning, but when I joined tealbook as COO it was already growing fast. What really had me hooked was a vision I shared with Stephany Lapierre (CEO) and Geoff […]

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Move that ‘binder’ to the cloud

move your supplier intelligence binders to the cloud

Eleven years ago, I was visiting a client who wanted to introduce me to a supplier she highly recommended. “Steph, you need to meet these guys,” she said. “They are incredible and have done great work for my team.” She leaned behind her desk and grabbed a two-inch thick binder filled with business cards from […]

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I was wrong… and I’m glad my team was right.

tealbook Concierge Service supplier discovery

A couple of weeks ago, tealbook introduced our Concierge Service, which allows any enterprise user to quickly receive a vetted list of qualified suppliers, each time – every time. Concierge was enthusiastically received for its ability to take tealbook’s instant supplier searches a step further: validating that the suppliers discovered through VET meet business requirements, are […]

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